Onward to Denver

We left Sidney Nebraska at 5:30am Tuesday morning June 16 and arrived in Denver at 8:30.  Vital Records opened at 8:30 so that was our first stop.  We ordered two certificates, Katherine May Ward Bowen, who we knew passed in June 1975 and we took a guess at Rose Kelly McNulty.  The last evidence we had was an obit from her sister Mary Kelly McMullen in 1957.  Vital Records charges $1 per year search non-refundable.  I had no idea so I figured between 1957 to 1975. After the order was placed we had to wait up to two hours.

Off to the Denver Public Library, which, in my opinion has the best genealogy section I have ever seen.  We needed obituaries for several family members we recently discovered.  Due to their diligence we located the death notices within an hour.

AudreyBowen ClydeBowen DoyleSandage ThomasBowen ThomasFBowen VirginiaSandage

After we were finished, I spoke with the head of the Genealogy Department, I donated the work I had done prior to the trip for those researching the same families.


The death certificates were ready.  They located Rose McNulty!  A six year brick wall was torn down!

KatherineMayWardBowen-CO-DC-1975lowres RoseKellyMcNulty-CO-DC-1961lowres

So as we get into the car to go to the cemetery we notice a bulge on the front right tire.  We have much travel ahead so we have no choice then to find a tire store that we trust.  Safety first!  Luckily Discount Tires on Evans Ave were honest and fast!  We were soon on our way to Mount Olivet Catholic Cemetery in Wheat Ridge, Jefferson County.


Goals Accomplished!

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